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Getting lean–at least my “stuff” is!

April 22, 2017

Earlier I wrote about starting to downsize and throw things out. That was just the beginning! That first purge of many bags of clothes was really fairly easy, but now I’m getting into the really deep cuts. Now I have moved a step beyond just whether the item “sparks” joy as Marie Kondo speaks about in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Once I had eliminated the bulk of most of my items I then had to wrestle with getting rid of even more. I had many items that have brought me joy in the past, but now they are old and I need to let them go. For example in this picture of the flip flops I had kept, there are a couple pairs that had brought me great joy in the past, but now they are old and worn.


So I had to say goodbye to my gold Reef flip flops (just above my right toe), which used to look so cute when I saw them on my feet. I guess I was hoping they would resurrect and become new again, but alas they have not.

Just about everyday I look at my smaller amount of clothes and shoes in my closet and I pull something else out to give away.

All of this minimalizing has made me think about how much time we spend shopping. Everyone is out shopping. I certainly have enjoyed my share of shopping too, often there’s a special thrill to it. We are mostly shopping for things we don’t need. Shopping is a pastime and a hobby. Doesn’t that seem strange when you think about it? It seems a little sad to me. What is everyone hoping to find?

I am enjoying this down sizing challenge and working on changing how I think about “stuff.”

If you want to know more about minimalizing there are many books, like the one mentioned above. There are also blogs and videos on YouTube to help. My son has been reading these books and minimalizing his wardrobe. All of his shirts were so neatly folded-I was very impressed! He said he learned the folding method from Marie Kondo. I guess she has sock folding video that has more than 1.5 million views!



I’ve got it down to this now and I need to go further. I also have 2 empty drawers!


 Richard Foster. “We really must understand that the lust for affluence in contemporary society is psychotic. It is psychotic because it has completely lost touch with reality. We crave things we neither need nor enjoy.”


This blog is dedicated to Scout, always eager to help, as seen here, keeping watch over my pile of clothes. She passed away a few weeks ago and we sure miss her silly little self.

Trimming the Fat!

March 26, 2017

We are beginning to trim the fat around our household. It is amazing how we  collect so much STUFF!

I have always been attracted to living simply. I love watching the house shows where people live in small homes or European apartments. I don’t like the million dollar housing and decorating shows, there just isn’t any challenge in that!

We down sized when we moved back to California from Texas. We had been in a 2500 sq ft home and we now are in a 2 bed condo, but we have definitely filled it up!

We recently watched a documentary on NetFlix called The Minimalists which kind of got us back to thinking of a simpler life. Through that documentary I was introduced to Project 333. Project 333 is where you pare down your wardrobe and pick out 33 items to wear for the next 3 months, thus eliminating the stress of thinking about and the financial burden of clothes. You should check it out!

Anyway that is how I started cleaning out my closet. I have also watched some other minimalist people talking about getting rid of whatever doesn’t bring you joy! I came to the conclusion that although I love the Project 333 idea, it is really more for people with a business wardrobe need. And since I wear workout clothes almost every day, I don’t need even that many clothing choices.

So I began cleaning out my closet and I have bags and bags and bags of clothes to go to goodwill and it has barely made a dent in my closet, so I have a long way to go!

These are all “work” shoes that I don’t even like and I haven’t worn since leaving my office job.


Why do we need so much clothing? I can remember from middle school on being tormented by insecurity that I needed more clothes

Here are the flip flops I’m keeping for now…the ones still bringing me joy. I need to get rid of more.

How many Flip Flops does a California girl need? These are the ones I’m getting rid of.


This is from Project 333 and it really spoke to me:

“Opening my closet used to be a daily reminder of my debt and discontent. There were the clothes that didn’t fit, the clothes I never wore, and even clothes with price tags still hanging on them. Once the excess went out the door, so did the guilt and other emotions I had been paying with for so long.

I always thought I needed to wear something new or special to prove myself. I needed the right heels to feel powerful, or a new dress to feel sexy, or a trendy jacket to feel put together and prepared. Once I started dressing with less, I found confidence in who I was instead of what I wore. Today I feel powerful, sexy and prepared from the inside out instead of the other way around.”