RV Life

Episode 12 Trip to Texas, Boondocking & Harvest Hosts

September 23, 2017

In this episode we show our fun trip across the country on our way to Eric’s job in the Dallas area. We skirt along Route 66 and visit friends in Arizona, the Petrified Forest, a wild animal rescue zoo and Bar Z Winery in Amarillo. Just click on the picture to ride along!

Click the photo to see the video!

Miracles! Episode 11

August 25, 2017

Click on the picture to see the video

Episode 9 Our First Week!

August 9, 2017

Click the picture above to see our YouTube about our first week of full-time RV Living! In this video you see us enjoying our outdoor grill, Eric loves having a portable but heavy duty grill!

Episode 8- Two Week Countdown!

August 9, 2017

Click the picture to watch our YouTube about our 2 week countdown to full-time RV Living!

The One about the (composting) Toilet

August 9, 2017

Click the picture above to view our YouTube about selecting and installing our composting toilet

Counter, tiles and floor..before and after

July 13, 2017


In this video we show what we did for our counter, tiles, and floor….click the picture to see!

Episode 3: Painting

June 28, 2017

In this episode we talk about our painting adventures and who we are and why we are doing this.

Episode 2: Renovation Begins

June 21, 2017

Episode One–The Beginning

June 21, 2017

Click on the photo to view our first YouTube!

New Adventure Begins! Come Along for the Ride!

May 22, 2017

We are excited to announce our new adventure!

After many months of thinking and planning and after watching and listening to The Minimalists, Heath Padget RV Entrepanuer, Drivin’ and Vibin’, Keep Your Day Dream, We’re the Russos, Wanderland Travelers, RV Love, Less Junk More Journey and many others, we have decided to move into a tiny vintage trailer and travel the country!

We are excited for the challenge of living frugally and minimally—untethered from the burdens of stuff!

In April we bought a 1982 Excel 18 foot trailer. She is very cute and cozy. We have named her Hilda. We have her parked at a generous friend’s house while we fix her up over the next couple of months. We are planning to make our move in July.

Follow along with us on our adventure! We are on a Sunny Junket and that is our traveling name…Sunny Junket. You can still find us at sunnysidenutrition.com where we continue to do nutrition coaching and you can buy our cookbook and download our free meal plan. The web site will soon be linked to our Sunny Junket web site, which will be sunnyjunket.com. You can follow us on instagram @SunnyJunket and subscribe to our YouTube channel (coming soon) and come along for the ride! Of course we will keep you updated through our blog too.

Coming soon…..interior renovations!