Mediterranean here we come!

August 31, 2016

It’s finally here! Leslie and I are heading out on our 2 week Mediterranean adventure; beginning in Barcelona, Spain, hopping a 10 day Carnival Cruise and finishing up in Athens, Greece. As you can imagine there have been many preparations that had to be made-booking a cruise, airline tickets, scheduling cooking classes, packing, ground transportation and Leslie’s months of research on what sights and activities we will see and do at our 8 port stops along the way. There is always something that we forget when we’re heading out on a trip like this, but what did we forget is the question? Oh! It’s our nutrition plan of course! Yes, this also has to be planned in advance. Just imagine 10 days on a cruise ship with all you can eat and drink 24/7. If that isn’t scary enough picture us scarfing down on pizza in Italy,  gyros in Greece and countless other culinary treats along the way. The answer is simple, the execution is the challenge. At home or on vacation you have to plan what you are going to eat if you want to succeed unless, of course, you plan on packing on 20 lbs in the next 2 weeks!


When you are traveling it is important to pack nutritious, high protein snacks so you feel good and aren’t hungry and setting yourself up for failure. Also it is good to have a game plan for your meals. Of course you are going to enjoy special treats and meals during your travels, but for your regular meals keep your choices high protein and low carbohydrate-skip the breads and cereals!  On vacation or at home, always eat on purpose! Just food for thought. Follow our culinary adventures on instagram @sunnysidenutrition